Zollverein unifies Germany

This morning, of the 1st of January of 1834, ZOLLVEREIN is establish in the German Confederation, giving the chance of having free trade between all German states. This law benefits the trade and allow the economic situation of every state of the German Confederation, to increase. The promoter of this idea, Frederick List an economist, theoretical and politician German nationalist, thought that it was totally necessary the creation of a law that would unify, in its way, Germany. Due to the two unions made in 1828 between Prussia and Hesse-Darmstadt and between Bavaria and Württemberg, this process, the Zollverein, has become in an easy proyect to achieve. After these unifications, Prussia tried the customs unification in whole German Confederation and finally, the idea of union convince the rest of German states. Although Austria is trying to block or even suspend this customs union, the German states are finding the strength in the union, making German Confederation a state.


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